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Your donations help change the lives of individuals around the world.

We receive thousands of comments from our friends around the world about how the A.R.E. and the Cayce Work have changed their lives for the better and have provided them with wisdom, comfort, and hope when they had none. Watch some moving testimonials from our members and hear some for yourself.

Thank YouYour support of the A.R.E. helps individuals through
life’s everyday difficulties.

When life throws me curves and I seem to be lacking a little in faith to get through life’s ups and downs, I grab a Cayce book. I give away and lend out Cayce books all the time and it pleases me that others may be helped as I am. (K.W. Minnesota)

Your donation helps individuals find their way back to God.

I had pretty much shipwrecked my life a couple of years ago. I was at my mother’s house and saw a short clip on Edgar Cayce on the History Channel on TV…To make a long story short, my faith and life were totaled-out. But that little clip sent me back to my Father’s House. I am eternally grateful. (G.R., Kansas)

Your support helps continue the mission of the A.R.E.
“to manifest the Love of God and Man.”

In my personal opinion, there’s never been a heart quite as good or a faith as strong as Mr. Cayce’s. He’s quite simply one of the greatest men to have walked the face of this Earth. Aside from Jesus Christ, himself, I aspire to be like Edgar Cayce - to live as he lived, to love as he loved, to pray as he prayed. God’s love is manifest in this world of ours today. I’m aware of this because of the kind-hearted, like-minded individuals who are part of the Work, part of the A.R.E.- Edgar Cayce’s Legacy! (K.H., Mississippi)

You never know exactly who will be helped by the Edgar Cayce material when you give to the A.R.E. But you can always be assured that someone, somewhere in the world will be grateful for your selfless giving.

I’m on my way to Iraq. I’m a reservist. I have read many books on Edgar Cayce and I’m taking some with me when I go, in hopes that it will enlighten someone else. Reading about Mr. Cayce enlightened me to such new heights that I’m telling everyone I know about him. I think the A.R.E. is doing some wonderful things for people of all walks of life and Mr. Cayce would be proud to see that his readings and all it said about the A.R.E. have come to fruition. (B.W., Georgia)

Your donation supports A.R.E. Prison Outreach Program. An inmate in an Illinois Correctional Center wrote these words to us:

I myself couldn’t be doing any better under my present circumstances. The A.R.E.’s contribution of Religious and Spiritual reading literature is making a powerful impact in my every day living. Not too long ago I felt I was a lost cause, that when I die I’m going straight to hell. But you see, now I believe in Mr. Edgar Cayce. I today love God and I want to live where he’s at forever. I hope you will be able to send me more spiritual books. (S.D., Illinois)

After receiving this letter, we promptly sent him a copy of Lives of the Master.

Your contribution supports A.R.E. International Outreach, sharing the Edgar Cayce material throughout the world.

Thank you so much for the box of books! I can’t begin to tell you how much the study group here appreciates it. These books will most definitely help the group in its search for personal and spiritual growth. (Roy Smith, A.R.E. volunteer representative in Panama)

Your contributions support A.R.E. Spiritual Growth Groups, which allow people to connect with like-minded individuals and study the ideas from the Edgar Cayce readings together.

This comes from a teenager from Sri Lanka, living in Malaysia, who has participated in three eGroups this year:

I am a girl who is in her early teens and who just got into high school. I come from a Muslim family, and that is why I wasn't much encouraged from my parents to be pondering about Jesus and His teachings. I never even heard of him until 2 or 3 years ago when I read a book in which Jesus was mentioned and His infinite Love. From that time on I got interested in researching things of the Spirit and got to learn many more new things. Now, with this eGroup [Following Jesus in the 3rd Millennium] I am also reading a book from A.R.E which is 'Discovering Your Soul's Purpose'. … This eGroup and all the people associated with it are a blessing to my life and have helped me to understand my life better. (R.K., Malaysia)

Because of your support, this great Work is possible.

I am making a donation despite my economic circumstances because the A.R.E. is one of the best things this world has got and does an enormous amount of good. Bless you and thank you! (L.W. Connecticut)

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